About Dr. Thompson

“I’m Just An Educator Helping People Get Connected With Their Bodies. If You’re Coachable, Your Body Will Heal Itself.” – Dr. John A. Thompson

A native of Pasadena, California, Dr. John A. Thompson has dedicated his life to helping others achieve optimal health. It wasn’t always this way, however. His interest in health and wellness began with dis-ease. On track to become a lawyer, in his second year of undergraduate school, Dr. Thompson began experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort, cramping, pain, and fatigue. When he presented these issues to traditional medical doctors, he received no answers. Exploratory surgery was offered, but that wasn’t a risk he was willing to take.

“It’s Interesting We Pay All This Money For Tuition And Still Don’t Know How To Feed Ourselves.”

These were the words that changed everything. While searching for a safer, alternative approach to invasive surgery, a colleague made this statement and introduced Dr. Thompson to the concept of healing through nutrition. Dr. Thompson’s unexplained ailment resolved completely after only 2 weeks of dramatically altering his diet and lifestyle. Now empowered and fascinated by the body’s ability to heal itself with the right tools, he took a break from his law studies for a little over a year to dedicate his time and energy to self-study and changing his focus to the field of medicine. This proved to be a transformative experience in Dr. Thompson’s life. He returned to school fully committed to studying the connections between diet, lifestyle, symptoms, and disease. Dr. Thompson obtained his medical degree in osteopathic medicine from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.

DOs & MDs – What’s The Difference?

DOs and MDs are similar in medical training and licensure. As a DO or Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. Thompson is licensed to practice medicine at the same level as his physician counterparts in allopathic medicine ⁠— Medical Doctors, or MDs. DOs are licensed to prescribe medication, perform invasive procedures, and practice in all medical specialties. However, there are distinct differences that prompted Dr. Thompson to choose osteopathy. He appreciated the emphasis on treating the body as a whole rather than viewing systems in isolation and enjoyed the additional training osteopaths receive in musculoskeletal medicine and the greater focus on prevention.

One unique aspect of the osteopathic medical school experience is that students often get the opportunity to train and gain exposure at different medical institutions for their clinical practicums. Dr. Thompson was privileged to complete rotations at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles. He then completed an internship in general medicine at Oakland General Hospital in Michigan, and a 3-year allopathic residency in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the Detroit Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute, which he completed in 1996. After medical school, Dr. Thompson obtained licensure in four states: Michigan, Virginia, California, and Nevada, where he opened the Desert Oasis Clinic in 1999. He considers himself a coach for clients who feel powerless in their health journey.

“For The Last 22 Years, I’ve Made This Practice Connecting The Dots And Helping People Get Better.” – Dr. John A. Thompson

Dr. Thompson is known by his clients to spend the extra time to fully listen and understand their health problems. One of the most frequent comments we hear is, “I’ve never had a doctor spend so much time with me!” He is compassionate and encouraging, but also no-nonsense, direct, and honest in his approach. He strongly believes that good health and well-being are the foundation for everything else you want to do in life.

Although he has worked with people from all walks of life, Dr. Thompson prides himself on providing the same service for everyone. He wants to help you move from being a passive bystander into an active participant in your health journey. This is your health, and he believes that you must do the work. Dr. Thompson is known to practice what he preaches and expects his clients to be motivated and serious about their well-being.

“I’m Not A Healer. The Body Does The Work.” – Dr. John A. Thompson