“I was able to avoid surgery with Prolotherapy.” ~ Donna D.

“I lost weight on the yeast diet and have never felt better.” ~ Sam J.

“Thank you, Dr. Thompson! I went through a recent ordeal with my heart where I almost died. I was traveling overseas and didn’t seek medical attention soon enough. By the time I returned home and went to the emergency room I was extremely bad off. I had an ejection fraction of only 15-20% in my heart and was told I had heart damage and congestive heart failure. I was given half a dozen drugs and thought I was just lucky to be alive. I was told I would need the drugs for the rest of my life.

On a good friend’s recommendation, I started seeing Dr. Thompson. Great advice! He started me on IV laser treatments and a series of supplements. In the course of a short time, I started feeling better and better. I went from only being able to walk 50 ft. with a cane to walking for miles and also being able to work physically!

My cardiologist recently tested my heart and was as shocked as I was that my heart is now 100% efficient. I take a fraction of the drugs I was taking and hope to stop them completely as soon as possible.

My cardiologist was truly surprised at my recovery. I guess he should have tested my blood for more than just ONE thing! Dr. Thompson is a true healer and I feel blessed to be in his hands. Thank you sincerely, Dr. Thompson!” ~ Dwayne H.